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About Our School
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MCS School Letter Program

The MCS School Letter

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How to Earn a School Letter
MCS offers a wide range of learning and extra-curricular activities for our students. One way for us to encourage and reward students who get involved at MCS is the School Letter program. Students in grades 7 and 8 are eligible to receive a school letter if they meet the requirements in 4 of the following 5 categories:

Scholastic Achievement - An 80% average over the three terms calculated from all subject areas.
School Letter Categories
Service/Clubs - Accumulate a total of two points by participating in services and clubs (bus monitor, kitchen helper, office helper, student announcers, chess, student helping students).
Athletics - Participate on one school team and two intramurals (cross country running, flag football, volleyball, basketball, track & field, skiing/snowboarding, curling, ice hockey) or a combination of more school teams and at least one intramural.
Arts - Accumulate a total of three points by participating in the Arts (orchestra, arts assembly by yourself, seasonal concert).
Special Achievement - Demonstrate special achievement in at least two areas (student of the month, Legion writing/poster contest award, regional science fair participant, public speaking finalist, track & field group winner).

If a grade 8 student meets the requirements in all five categories, and they received a school letter in grade 7, the are eligible to receive an Honour School Letter.
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